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How To Sell Online E-Junkie Goods Including eBook

Are you having any digital products like eBook, software, video course that you want to sell out online? If your answer is yes, read on my detailed guide, will get you started in next 25 minutes or less.
Selling out your digital products is one of the best ways to earn money online. A new blogger can very easily create an eBook related to their niche, and sell out it to their readers. As you already have a blog, the promotion of eBook would be very easier. Moreover, with single such product; you may sell it to multiple Locations to increase your daily revenue.
In my guide, you will be guide about how to sell out your eBook using E-junkie. You may also sell other products that can be digitally downloaded.

Most important point before starting eBook Selling:

  • Create attractive eBook cover by using stylish 3D design
  • Prepare eBook cover by with Photoshop

What is E-Junkie and how to start selling online?

E-junkie let you to add the shopping cart at your blog or website, eBay or other sites use this for selling nice downloadable items. It is one of the best solutions for everyone to get start. At once you have installed stuff on E-junkie, only you need to do is: place buy it button or start send direct links to the possible buyer, and all things will be taken care by this E-Junkie automated system. This simple photo will explain full detail you to how easy it is to use E-junkie?

Major Benefits for placing E-junkie at their blog or website:

  • Buyers will get a unique downloading link that will expire after some specific time duration. Applying this way, your digital products are safe from unauthorized downloads.
  • Your products or goods will be uploaded to E-junkie main server, so you don’t need to be panic about bandwidth & storage.
  • E-junkie offer free trial for 7 days, so you have not to pay anything to get started. When you not like this trail, you can stop E-junkie using without paying.
  • You will get paid instantly by the E-junkie.
  • PDF stamping to personalize the download. You can read about it here.
  • You may also get start as an affiliated program for your product by using e-Junkie.
Above picture will show you the features of e-Junkie. Its pricing is very reasonable as compare to others, as e-Junkie not charges any transaction fees. (This will be charged by PayPal or may be any other processor you integrate here). Base pricing of E-junkie is $5/month, which will help you to upload up to 10 different products / good and free disk space is 50MB. Get their pricing here.

Complete useful Guide for selling eBook using E-Junkie:

If you want to upload your own product which are in ready to move position, just follow the below guide & start selling your products online.
Open E-Junkie website and click on “Start 1 week free trial now” at the bottom left of the main page. Open your dashboard of e-junkie and click on to add a product.
Next step is very important, as here you have to configure settings for your own product. Choose the good or product as you are interested to sell an eBook, you must select Single file download. (It automatically changing depends on what are you selling).   Add some descriptive product name, at the top of the head.
Submit your product & click on the next page, you can now upload the eBook or any other digital download which you are willing to sell. Screenshot is attached as below:

You will get the Shopping Cart button for your own product on the same page. Various optional buttons are available, which can be used on your own blog or other websites. Its “Buy Now” buttons is simple to use, very popularly and commonly used for user to quickly pay and download the eBook.(Also See: Some Extra Ordinary Ways for Earning)

Learn how to make money by selling eBooks in simple steps

You may click on “Buy Now” button, and get your link, which you may use to customize the way you want. For example: click on image, you will be directed to PayPal page to buy “Earn Money Now” Affiliate marketing eBook. Once you completed the payment process, this exclusive eBook will be received at your email id.
Buy Now

What I really like about E-junkie is, just paying $5 you can start selling. The only problem which you will face is accepting payment from all Indian PayPal users. As you can’t use it, you will need to look for another alternative option for payment processor offered by e-junkie, like, Click Bank & some more. Major problem, others are not much simple to setup like PayPal.
Most useful feature of E-junkie is an affiliate program for your product without any charge. Example, you may sign up for “my eBook Affiliate program” using its link and you will be get paid up to 80% of all sales. You can also download eBook cover image to use with your own affiliate promotion post.

I recommend you to take free trial of e-Junkie for 7 days

In the coming posts I will explore more useful options like WordPress  and Clickbank plugins to sell out your own digital product.
paypal, clickbankNew Update: When I was starting to get new subscription from e-junkie after the 7 Days trial period, I received PayPal error “You must add funds to your PayPal account before sending some money”. My team resolved this issue, and received the response:
PayPal is currently blocking new domestic payments done by parties located in India, due to some Indian Tax Issues for such online payments. M/S Sine Info Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of E-Junkie headquartered in New Delh, currently we are not accepting subscription payments from Indian until this issue is resolved.
I asked them for another option for payment and will update you all as soon as I get a solution to this. Other countries are not facing such issue with e-Junkie.
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