Thursday, 19 February 2015

10 Simple Tips to Avoid Google Adsense TOS Violation

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I already have some of the tips to be shared is working to increase AdSense revenue, but as I mentioned, as is very strict about AdSense AdSense TOS violations AdSense nothing to stop you will take care of things. We have all the AdSense approval that is not easy to find and we activated our AdSense account needs to be done.
When Google launched Google Panda is out of context, but little since 2011, they have also made some major changes in the quality guidelines AdSense. In particular, we have seen that in 2011-2012 due to several Indian and Pakistani AdSense publisher for copyright infringement and due to the low quality pages have been banned. 
Google Adsense is strict about the policies and although I did my last post I refer to as the Global Translator Plugin removed to protect myself from being banned from Google Adsense.
AdSense publisher you restrict yourself to these simple mistakes are avoided:

Adsense TOS violations of AdSense policies understand and Stop:

Invalid clicks:
Maximum Adsense account is in the danger zone, where it is. Starts with Adsense, most of the publisher, they usually detect such activity AdSense Team Click on the ad to click on their ads from different IP ask their friend, they ensure to protect our advertisers put their account disabled mode.
In addition, many new publishers as stated in your AdSense is discouraged, ask your readers to click on ads program policies.
Unsupported language use AdSense on your blog:
At the time of writing, to qualify for the Google Adsense program does not support all languages. Approved AdSense account and whose language you do so ASAP changes, AdSense TOS are not using it to show it on the blog. You can use any method to create multilingual blog and the ads are served exclusively, this will be considered as a violation. Global Translator Plugin is why I removed some time read more
Here's a list of supported language AdSense.
Maximum Adsense unit on the same page:
1-2-3 on simple rules work AdSense ads on the same page to define the maximum number of units. For more information you can refer to previous post: the maximum number of AdSense unit on the same page. It might be a mistake and you are an AdSense publisher, unless the AdSense ad unit will not show more than 3 ingredients as though, this does not violate any of AdSense policies.
Sending Email Ad:
Many publishers send emails started the trend within the AdSense ads, and sometimes it goes viral. Google seems to have against the policies of the program.
Ad Label:

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